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We use a Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring facility to provide the best service.

An alarm monitoring system brings peace of mind to its owner that’s hard to peg a value. Not only will you and your family have peace of mind, you could also be saving money on your home owners insurance too.

A monitored alarm doesn’t just add protection from burglary, it can also help you obtain emergency support in the event of a fire, medical or personal duress situation or simply power failure.

When you think about how having your alarm monitored could pay for itself in just one incident, and it could save lives of your loved ones it becomes an easy decision to make.

Lockdown Security Solutions monitoring provides you with:

– A monitored alarm system linked to a WA-based monitoring station staffed 24 hour a day 7 days a week

– Immediate response to your alarm being triggered

– Burglary/intruder detection

– Duress and Medical support from a fixed button, remote or entered code

– Smoke and fire detection

– Security guard call-out services (optional)

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We are ready to keep you and your business safe and secure.

At Lockdown Security Solutions all our technicians are licensed through the governing Commercial Agents and carry all relevant licenses to provide you with added peace of mind. Lockdown Security Solutions uses the following three-step process:


1. Your home security alarm or smoke detector is activated, the monitoring station is notified and initiates a response.


2. The monitoring station identifies multiple activations, which strongly indicated a lot of movement inside the home or commercial property.


3. The monitoring station immediately alerts your contact person or list of nominated contacts.

Additional options:

Backed up by CCTV Systems your home or commercial premises can have a monitored CCTV system which can be personally monitored by you.

If you have an alarm activation, simply press a Smart Phone or laptop app and view your home or business live.